About the Author

Valerie Davisson, author of Saturday Salon: Bringing Conversation and Community Back Into Our Lives, blames her love of conversation and tendency to see the world from multiple points of view on her father’s fun-loving Irish roots and her mother’s insatiable love of books.

She enjoyed living in a total of 5 countries and 7 states before the age of 25, finally settling with her two children in California.  In between attending her boys’ baseball games, church, and camping trips, to deepen her understanding of the different cultures she experienced in her travels, she completed a BA and MA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Irvine, and picked up a teaching certificate from Concordia University.

During those years, Valerie became aware of a growing need for a place to have meaningful conversations, free of religious, political or cultural agendas.  Combining her personal and professional background, she created the first Saturday Salon, in the spirit of the first French conversation salons, an intimate evening of deep conversation, fueled by good food and wine, utilizing a unique Talking Stick format, where everyone is welcome, and no topics are barred!  Her idea was to get people talking to others different from themselves, in order to find creative solutions to the personal, local and national challenges we face.

With her book SATURDAY SALON: Bringing Community and Conversation Back Into Our Lives, and her website and blog, Valerie continues providing inspiration as well as nuts and bolts tips to help her readers start their own Saturday Salons.

Valerie is also the author of a poetry book, TILTING WINDMILLS and LOGAN, a mystery novel set in an arts festival. She lives with her husband in California, where she enjoys their 6 children, 2 grandcats, 2 granddogs, and is completing work on her next book.