Interview with Shera of Frog-In-My-Soup Fame!

Feb 27

Interview with Shera of Frog-In-My-Soup Fame!

THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF MOM BLOGS OUT THERE, BUT FEW HAVE THE STREET CRED of Shera’s Frog In My Soup.  Not only is her site well-written and full of helpful information, but the ever-vibrant Shera has 6 (yes, you read that correctly…SIX!) frogs of her own, ALL BOYS!  As a mother of boys myself, I know how much work, fun and pure craziness that can be!  So, how she found time to do this interview, I’ll never know, but here it is.  I enjoyed getting to know her, and I’m sure you will, too.

Q:  How has parenting changed you?

A:  At first it didn’t seem to have much affect on me or my life. Children just naturally blended into the simple way we lived. The difference between having the first three and now having 6 is rather monumental though in it’s own way. It went from being an additional part of life to completely consuming and I felt like I got completely lost in the shuffle. I think the way it has changed me most is to be more flexible. You cannot predict children and who they are and how they will change your life, you simply have to be prepared and willing to roll with it all as it comes.

Q:  Have there been any responses to your blog that have been particularly rewarding for you?

A:  I love being asked to write for other sites. I have been approached by several popular mom focused websites over the years and it has been so much fun! Writing is what it’s all about for me, so having that part of my site recognized is so very rewarding!

Q:  How do you and your husband find time for yourselves?

A:  Although I am a major advocate for couples to make sure they schedule in date nights at least once a month if not more, that became impossible for us for a long while after the twins were born. Finding sitters for 6 boys just didn’t work out. The trick is to find time alone when kids can’t interrupt and take advantage of it. If you can get out for a date night, do it – but if you cannot, put the kids to bed just a little early, and just snuggle watching a good movie or prepare a fun dinner that you both love and just enjoy your time alone!

Q:  What do you enjoy most about blogging?

A:  It’s the perfect way to express yourself, or even to vent (though I do try never to do that for the sake of my readers), but the point is that a blog can be anything you want it to be. It’s a part of me, a part of who I was, who I am and who I am becoming and I can help shape and mold that through my writing which is definitely not something I think most people think of a blog as.

Q:  Do you have any personal goals for 2012?

A: I have already started on one of them and that is to focus more on writing. I’m also planning on continuing my goal to eat more whole foods and exercise several times a week. Lastly, creating a little more organization and functionality in our ordinarily chaotic home is definitely at the top of the list, though I’m not entirely sure yet what that will look like.


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