Do We Need a 3rd Party?

Apr 17

Do We Need a 3rd Party?

EVER WISH WE HAD A THIRD POLITICAL PARTY here in America? Based on the emergence of candidates Trump and Sanders, we obviously don’t want the status quo. Maybe the only way to get what we want is to start from scratch. Just because we’ve had 2 parties for a long time, doesn’t mean we necessarily will always have 2 parties, or that those parties won’t change. America is a very young country. We can create what we want, we just have to have the ability to visualize it and the will to make it happen. Most people don’t agree with me, but change is inevitable. What form that change takes is up to us.

Curious about this topic? Here are some links about this year’s election, and the 3 largest alternative parties:

Sorry, There Isn’t Going to be a Third Party Run! from RedState

Libertarian, Green Party, Constitutional Party links on Wikipedia

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