Mar 16

TIME FOR A WEBSITE REVIEW!  When I see an email from, a cool UK site to buy original art, I can’t wait to open it and see what piece they’ve picked to riff on today.  I often glean some new insight or bit of trivia about the artist or their work from the short blurb that accompanies each featured work.

They’re a business, but a business with a heart.  Here’s what they have to say about themselves:


We’ve been into art for ages. People have been expressing themselves through art since we lived in caves. This is true of all cultures, of all walks of life. It’s fundamental to who we are. It inspires us, communicates things we struggle to put into words and makes our lives richer and more interesting.

But buying art can be difficult. We know this: the art world is dripping in confusing terminology, sometimes things seem expensive and it’s hard to see why. Sometimes you can’t even see a price tag and it’s intimidating to ask. The amount of art available can be overwhelming.

We explain why things cost what they do. We help you discover your own taste and style so you can be confident about buying the art you want.


We collaborate with leading museums and galleries you’ve heard of, and pioneering arts spaces and publishers you haven’t. Yet. The result is a diverse and ever-growing selection of works for you from trusted and respected partners. Each institution or artist we work with benefits from your purchase. So not only are you getting affordable art, you’re also supporting the people that make it and helping them continue to do so.


We’re based in the United Kingdom. In this football-mad country, more people visit art galleries and museums than attend Premier league matches. We enjoy art and we want it in our lives. Yet when it comes to bringing art into our home, we falter; actually buying art seems to be an activity reserved for a small elite. This is something we are here to change.

Art is the last of the big offline sectors to move online. With funding from Northzone, Greylock and Wellington Partners and a talented team, we are a key part of a new sector disrupting that £40 billion industry. In bringing this market online we can solve many of the problems buying art currently presents. The experience becomes less intimidating, we can provide access to much more information and choice and give people the tools that will help them discover the art they love.

For more information, or to sign up for their cool “art of the day” emails, click here:  Artfinders

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