A Murder of Crows

Feb 19

A Murder of Crows

CONSIDER THE CROW.  What do we know about them?

Not much.  Poe’s The Raven. Harbingers of Evil.  Witches’ familiars.  Noisy.  Unbeautiful.  Thieves. We think of them so negatively, that a group of crows is called a murder.  How did they get such a bad reputation?

In reality, crows are highly intelligent. They not only make tools like humans and other primates, but they make tools to GET tools, as Nature’s 2010 documentary, a Murder of Crows, plainly proves.  It also proves we are not the only species who passes culture along to our young.

* If you want to learn how to tell the difference between a crow and a raven, here is a great link: Crows vs Ravens.  The easiest way to tell them apart is by their caws.

Hopefully the military won’t watch this documentary, or they’ll be out recruiting crows to spy on China.


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