Face-to-Face is Better

Nov 28

Face-to-Face is Better

INSTINCTIVELY, WE KNOW that talking to someone face-to-face is the best way to discuss difficult issues, which is one reason why I created Saturday Salons. But it’s always gratifying when science backs me up.

Juliana Schroeder of the University of California at Berkeley and faculty at the University of Chicago conducted several experiments exposing volunteers to ideas they agreed or disagreed with.  About 300 people were exposed to arguments on hot topics such as abortion, war, and even music genres people usually love or hate (country and rap). When a human being shared their reasons for thinking as they do, the participants in the experiments responded more positively than if they read or listened to a video sharing the same opinions and logic.

So, if you want people to understand you, and better yet, if you want to understand other people, do what many people are doing – try a conversation salon. There are many kinds of salons around, but the unique format of the Saturday Salon keeps things fresh and civil, versus some salons which can become snobby places of intellectual competition. Check out the pages on the site to learn more. Hosting is easy and fun – anyone can learn to host a conversation salon successfully. All the information you need to get started is within the pages of this website. And if you want to learn more, pick up a copy of SATURDAY SALON: Bringing Conversation and Community Back Into Our Lives, which has the history of salons, topic questions, step-by-step suggestions for how to invite and conduct a salon, and as a bonus, SATURDAY SALON popular potluck recipes voted as favorites over the years.

Enjoy! And whatever you do, keep talking with those who may disagree with you. Lord knows we need to start communicating better…

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