In Defense of Fashion

Oct 25

In Defense of Fashion

WANT A BREAK from the election debates? Throw in a question about Fashion into the hat at your next Saturday Salon and watch the fur fly! Defending fashion is a tough task in any audience, but even though my husband and I toss the NY Times Style Magazine onto the floor every Sunday morning with disgust, I bravely picked it up this week and thumbed through it.

Yes, the laughable excess and pre-pubescent models posed in almost pornographic poses were there; and they continue to offend me and every other thinking person on the planet, but there was more. This week, in Andrew O’Hagan’s Karl Lagerfeld interview, a thoughtful gem of truth caught my eye. First paragraph. (I must admit I stopped there – I was not interested in the whole article.)

He said, “It’s about one hundred years since fashion took its place alongside literature, painting, and music as a way to look for the social essence of one’s era.”

Hmmmm…which led me (as everything does) to Google, where I typed in …the relevance of fashion…, which led me to Katherine LaGrave’s article, which explores the topic and puts up a pretty good defense. Interesting read.

Throw a couple of fashion questions in the hat and see where it goes…


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