Where Do You Get Your News?

Dec 10

Where Do You Get Your News?

As a Saturday Salon host, part of your job is to stimulate conversation with well-worded questions. Each guest can write their own questions to put in the hat, but you want to make sure you add a few or your own. ┬áHere’s how you do it:

Aim for 3-5 questions covering a wide range of topics. It’s always good to write a funny one such as “What is the proper way to load a dishwasher?” Then look at areas such as Religion, Politics, Health, Education, Relationships, and Family – topics people want to talk about, think about often, but rarely have a safe place to discuss.

Let’s say you are writing a question for Politics. You could focus on News – how we get information that forms our Political opinions. Make sure your questions can’t be answered with a simple Yes or N, but are designed to elicit thoughtful responses. Two part questions are fine. Here are a few samples:

  • Where do you get your news, and how reliable do you think it is?
  • The media has often been called the fourth branch of government – what does that mean to you, and how do you feel about the media here in America?
  • How essential is a free press and which, if any news outlets are free of bias, influence, or corruption?
  • With the presidential election coming up, how do you assess the value of candidates? What is your source for news about them?
  • Online vs Paper – how do you get your news, and is one better than the other?
  • How does the American media compare to International sources? Do you ever listen to or read Al Jazeera or the BBC or ???

Don’t wait for ten minutes before guests arrive (although I am guilty of that!). Write some now or check out the Topics page on this site.

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