Inviting 101

Jan 19

Inviting 101

SATURDAY SALON HOSTING TIP # 1….is “Get Out of Your  Comfort Zone!”  When you think of hosting a salon, you will feel comfortable inviting your friends, but not necessarily your boss or people you know may not like each other.  Be Brave!  The whole purpose of a Saturday Salon is to bring people together who don’t normally take the time or have the opportunity to sit down and talk, to get to know each other.

That’s your job as a Saturday Salon host. Bringing disparate people together takes nerve.  It takes guts.  It takes you, the Saturday Salon host, to make it happen.

How else will we ever learn to work together to solve the problems we face as humans?

(AND….don’t tell anyone, but it’s a LOT of FUN!)

And come back and share your experiences–tell us all about it!


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    Always open to ideas, Rochelle – would love to learn more about the techie aspects of search engines-it’s a moving target for me. Write me a note through the contact page. Look forward to hearing from you-

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