Watcha Doin’?

Jan 26

Watcha Doin’?

THIS MAN IS FUN! When was the last time you had

I’m talking about doing something purely for the enjoyment you get WHILE DOING IT.  Not the benefits you reap AFTER you do it, like eating healthy and exercising.  Crowbarring yourself off the couch to go to the gym to ride a bike that’s been nailed to the floor, next to 50 other people sweating away beside you is not often fun while you’re doing it, although the whole delayed gratification thing is an important part of life, too.  But this post is taking a break from all that responsible stuff.

If you’re drawing a blank, or can’t remember the last time you experienced the joys that came so naturally as a child, think back to your younger years.  What brought you pure joy?  Swinging on the swings at recess? Diving into waves at the beach?  Building sandcastles? Playing baseball or soccer? Hiking? Grilling hot dogs on a stick over a campfire? Staring up at the stars? Fingerpainting? Dancing? Singing? Baking cupcakes? Beating on some drums?

Questions that take people out of their everyday lives are always good for your Saturday Salon.  They inspire us to peel back the layers of things we have to do (or think we have to do-there’s a difference) and bring us true joy.

And that, my friends, helps us fill our emotional wells, from which we can give other thirsty travelers on the road of life, a drink. It’s counter-intuitive, but we have more to give when we take time to refresh ourselves first.

With that in mind, I’m heading down to the beach for a nice, long walk.  Nothing planned, just some “wandering” time.  Hope you can carve out some time for yourself today, too.  Let us know what you do!




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