No Bacon???

Nov 04

No Bacon???


In stronger terms than any organization has every used, on October 26th, 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially identified processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen, which means it is strongly linked to cancer. Red meats were a close second, falling into Group 2A, meaning they probably cause cancer. Hard to believe red meat is now listed right alongside mustard gas and DDT as probably causing cancer. Yikes!

Topics like this are great for your Saturday Salon hat in and of themselves, but also because they bring up many other issues, such as vegetarianism and climate change. It also brings up questions about studies and statistics.

Who funded the study? Who funds that organization?  Were the results agreed upon by everyone? (In this case, 68% confirmed the results-a unanimous vote was not required before the announcement.) What is a meta-analysis vs a single study? If cancer is a complex disease with multiple causes, how can they say a single food causes cancer? What about blood pressure, obesity, exercise and other factors? Don’t those play a role? What does ‘an 18% increased risk’ actually mean?

In everyday conversations, we usually avoid any topic we think may result in an argument. That, or we don’t have time to get into it, so why bother? But we don’t change the world by clinging to our opinions or being afraid to consider an opposite point of view.

Saturday Salons give you the opportunity to not just share your current opinions, but your whys. WHY do you think as you do? As the Talking Stick goes around the circle, we also get to hear other people’s whys – one or more of which may ring true with us. After every Saturday Salon, at least one topic sends me to Google to learn more.

So start making that guest list and pick your next free Saturday…! As the host, you can throw a few good questions in the hat to get things going, but be sure to allow your guests to write their own. The discussion will be richer if you talk about what’s on everyone’s mind, not just yours.

A Saturday Salon host gives their guests the gift of time and space to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings – and the tools to keep things civil when the topics get hot!

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