Blood Moon

Apr 03

Blood Moon

DOES THE UNIVERSE STILL AMAZE YOU? April 14th/15th (west coast/east coast), after you rush to take care of your small, temporal concerns (like paying your income tax), celebrate by staying up late to sit in awe of a larger, celestial event.  This one is close to home, actually.  You will get to enjoy the first of a series of lunar eclipses, where the moon will appear reddish due to the shadow of the earth.  Tell the kids they can stay up late (it won’t happen here until around midnight (10 PM on the 14th to 1:30 AM on the 15th).

NASA article on the lunar eclipses 2014

If you and your family want to learn more about the cosmos, watch COSMOS: a Spacetime Odyssey. It’s on Sunday nights, here.  Takes up where Carl Sagan left off.

SATURDAY SALON QUESTION: The more we learn about the cosmos, the more we experience feelings of awe. IFor you, does this inspire and reinforce  religious or spiritual beliefs, or reinforce and support atheistic views?

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