Dealing with Change

Feb 22

Dealing with Change

HOW DO YOU ADAPT TO CHANGE? Can we ever really insulate ourselves from unwanted changes in our lives or those we love? If you are a religious person, how does your faith help you cope?

A deeper question for the Saturday Salon hat may deal with how our belief systems affect our feelings and actions, or if they reach that far? When faced with tragedy, does your religion truly comfort you or cause you to take certain actions over others?

We know what our various religions say we SHOULD think, but do we? Buddhists are supposed to take comfort in knowing everything is temporary. ┬áReality itself is a matter of perception, constantly changing and rearranging. If we truly accept that, change of any kind will not phase us, even death, pain or illness. Christians are supposed to take comfort in prayer, asking God to intervene on their behalf, or at the very least, they accept horrible events such as a child’s death, because things are supposed to be better in the next life – the balance sheet will be reconciled and all will be well.

What do you believe, and how deeply do you believe it? Do you believe strongly enough to truly be comforted during times of unwanted change?

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