Your Emotions

Dec 10

Your Emotions

WHAT CAUSES OUR EMOTIONS, and can we control them?

Questions that hover between physiological, psychological and spiritual boundaries are always intriguing at your Saturday Salon, particularly at a Saturday Salon for Singles. Couples often don’t talk about what really matters until they’re already engaged or married! Better to find out now what they really think about topics that matter, like love, marriage, divorce, God, and yes, how much control we have over our emotions.

It’s also an interesting question on its own.  There are so many branches of science that study human emotions:  primatology, anthropology, medicine, sociology, psychology, psychiatry, and that’s only in the Western world.  In traditional cultures, emotions are part of an intertwined web of factors, influenced by physical, spiritual, psychological and social factors.

So, what do you think?  What causes your emotions?  Thought? Hormones? Traffic? Family History?

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