We are All Fools…

Mar 23

We are All Fools…

WE ARE ALL FOOLS, and we are all Divine.  Do you agree? What does that statement mean to you?

This is a great question to throw in the hat at your next Saturday Salon.  There are so many ways this discussion can go. Is being a fool a bad thing?  Are we divine, or are only the gods divine?  Are we God’s children?  If so, doesn’t that make us at least semi-divine?  What if there are no gods?  Who is divine then?

I love looking at the world this way!  We all take ourselves much too seriously – we need to realize we’re all fools at least 35 times a day! And there’s no avoiding it – we are human.  And yet, at the same time, we are also guilty of not recognizing the spark of divinity in each other.  If we really stop to consider all each of us are, we are in awe.  We humans have the capacity to keep improving, learning, changing.  In fact, you can’t stop us.  Given an infinite amount of time – and who’s to say we don’t have life after life after life – we will eventually become divine, because we seem to have that spark in us.  I know Hindus and Mormons think along these lines.

Or is this all New Agey hogwash?  What do you think?

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