Getting Old?

Dec 15

Getting Old?

AREN’T WE ALL, but as they say, it beats the alternative. If we’re lucky, all our parts will wear out at the same time, and we’ll die peacefully in our sleep somewhere in our 90s. I know of no one who has accomplished this feat, however, so I’ve been thinking lately about what will give our lives meaning when we can no longer live, work, and play as we once did.

Old age creeps up on most of us. First, we give up jogging or dancing because of our knees. Then, we start forgetting where we put our car keys. Friends our age have heart attacks. Even the women. Our parents die. But first, they usually go through an illness-often cancer. Some beat it for a time, but eventually, it seems to get everyone in the end. And that’s not even listing the mental and emotional illnesses people suffer.

Not a very cheerful smattering of thoughts.

So, what are our options? Do we have examples of people whose lives continue to have meaning, who continue to have joy even when they are in physical pain, have lost mobility, or are hooked up to machines?

SATURDAY SALON QUESTION: How are you preparing yourself for old age, or a catastrophic accident that leaves you suddenly, severely limited, such as the military vets who lose limbs? What will you do, or are you doing now, to have meaning in your life? To feel joy? To serve others?

What makes life meaningful?


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