Are You a Goal Setter?

Dec 31

Are You a Goal Setter?


I got over a back injury, out of debt, through undergraduate and graduate school while raising my two sons. I started two new careers,  finished several books, and eight years ago, met the man that would become my husband. Whatever I set my laser focus on, I seemed to be able to achieve.

But for some reason, I’ve lost steam…can’t figure out if I’m just content and wiser or lazier. I don’t think that means I’ve accomplished everything I need or want to accomplish.  Not sure what it means – I’m going to have another cup of coffee and give that some thought…

Good Questions for your January Saturday Salon hat:

  • Do you set goals? If so, how do you select what goals to set, and what results have you had?
  • Describe a goal you reached, but wished you hadn’t.
  • Describe your most successful attempt at reaching a goal, whether you achieved it or not. Did the process teach you anything about yourself?
  • If your spouse (close friend or family member) sets a goal for themselves to lose weight or save money, how can you support them without nagging or being critical?
  • Have you ever had someone else set a goal for you? If so, how did that turn out?
  • What do you think your single most important goal should be this year?


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