Got Honey?

Jun 07

Got Honey?

YOU MAY HAVE SOME NOW, BUT NOT FOR LONG if bees keep disappearing.  For the last decade, every 2 years or so half the bees just up and die.  And they can’t even make it home to do it.  They just never return.  No dead bees…just no bees.

Who cares?  You should.  Without bees, we don’t eat.

It turns out that ever since big agriculture started planting vast fields of corn or soybeans or whatever (monoculture), and using pesticides to control the bugs that were attracted to this ridiculous feast, they’ve had to ship in bees to pollinate the crops.  Why?  Because there isn’t enough food for the bees to live in Illinois or California or in most of the US as they used to, because there is just one kind of plant, that blooms all at the same time.  So, a bee would starve to death the other 7 or 8 months of the year.  Professional beekeepers actually truck hives clear across country every spring in order to keep our farms and our food supply going.

I had no idea!  And because they have to keep the bees alive on these cross-country jaunts, they feed them sugar water (bee junk food).  The stress of the trek, the pesticides on the crops, plus all that goes along with modern beekeeping, like artificially inseminating the queen bee, using antibiotics in the hive, and the advent of genetically modified crops, have weakened the population of bees in America (and many other nations).

One year not so long ago, we ran out of bees here and had to IMPORT bees in order to get all of our crops pollinated, because half our bees had died off.

And yet, I just heard about this.  It’s the whole “canary in the coal mine” species indicator deal.

I am inspired by the many small-time organic bee keepers, and those fighting to make back-yard and rooftop beekeeping legal in urban areas, but I am saddened that Monsanto and other huge corporations have so little regard for the health of the planet, including human beings.  They seem to forget they are human also.

Or are they?

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