Got Integrity?

Jan 12

Got Integrity?

DO YOU LIVE A LIFE OF INTEGRITY?  Have you always?  If not, when and why did you change?

These are great questions for your next Saturday Salon. One of the reasons we need Saturday Salons is because our actions don’t always match our values.  From individuals to nations, we need to check in frequently to see if we’re on track, or we’ll get what we get, which is not always what we want.

All native cultures teach that if our actions are out of alignment with our values, you’re going to get sick.  That’s the definition of dis-ease, whether it be mental, social, spiritual, or physical.  They don’t differentiate – it’s all one package deal.  When I look at my own life, I find this to be true. Being off track in one area may manifest itself in dis-ease in another.

Character development is like brushing your teeth.  Just because you did it yesterday, doesn’t mean you don’t need to do it today, so making time to check for places in your life where you are a bit off or out of alignment, and knowing how to get yourself back on track, is essential to your well being.

Before you can know if your actions line up with your values, identify your core values.  Write them down.  Then you’ll have something to compare your actions against.  It’s important to really think about what your core values are beyond the titles “Honesty” “Loyalty”, etc.  Do you believe in always being completely honest?  ”Yes, those jeans make you look fat.” Blind loyalty to your country, even if your government is doing bad things? What does “Faithful” mean to you?  Do you edify your spouse to others, or refer to them as the “old ball and chain”? Is it OK to flirt? Is it OK to develop an emotionally intimate relationship with someone other than your spouse, as long as you don’t have a physically intimate one?

Once you list 5- 10 core values, keep them in front of your daytime, journal, or taped up on your bathroom mirror.  Somewhere you’ll see them often.

One way to see if we’re on track in living lives of integrity is to look at ourselves as others see us.  If you died tomorrow, what would your family, friends, and coworkers say about you? Would they view you as a person of integrity?




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