Heavenly Grades

May 03

Heavenly Grades

WHEN WE DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN, ARE WE GRADED ON A PERCENTAGE OR A CURVE?  Linus once asked this profound question of Charlie Brown, who did not have an answer, and neither do I.  What do you think?

Are we going to be lumped in with the rest of humanity, given a handicap, like they do in golf, or is it just a Pass/Fail system?   Pass and you get to enter the pearly gates, miss it by a couple of points, and “Sorry, Charlie, you’re going straight to hell!”.

The Mormon take on things is that no one but Hitler and Jack the Ripper go to hell, and even then, they may have a chance of earning their way out over eons of time.  And they think that the rest of us will not be graded at all by stern angels with plumed pens, frowning at us over their spectacles.  They believe that we will naturally gravitate, as we do here on earth, to the group of people with whom we feel most comfortable.

Such an eminently practical view of heaven, I think.  What do you think?


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