Honoring Veteran Tomas Young

Nov 11

Honoring Veteran Tomas Young

Iraq war veteran Tomas Young just died. Before he died, he made this video. Show it at your next Saturday Salon to get right to the heart of why we go to war, how to honor veterans without glorifying war, and how to use our voice and vote to prevent all the useless and horrific damage war inflicts.

Possible Talking Stick Starters:

  1. Can you be a patriot and still be opposed to war or to some wars?
  2. What kind of foreign policy would best prevent war?
  3. What obligations do we have to other nations? Can we be isolationists?
  4. Do you have any influence over our nation’s involvement in wars?
  5. Is peace possible, or do you think WW III  is inevitable?
  6. Are your political beliefs influenced by your religious  beliefs? In what way?

Let’s start talking with each other about things that really matter.

Tomas Young’s last video


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