Inauguration Saturday Salons

Nov 14

Inauguration Saturday Salons

AMERICANS ARE EITHER DANCING IN THE STREETS, or marching down them. It is no secret we are deeply divided. You either think we’re losing all the ground we gained in the last 50 years: ¬†women’s rights, immigration, trade, and beginning to protect the environment, or you think it’s about damn time someone said they were going to bring back manufacturing jobs and protect you against illegals, terrorists, and bad trade agreements.

So…is it pointless to host Saturday Salons? Is it just an exercise in futility to continue to work towards mutual understanding, a clean planet, love, and world peace? Can bringing diverse people together to share a meal and some real conversation really change anything?

Yep. Sometimes a guest or host experiences an ‘Aha!’ moment that results in a paradigm shift, but usually it’s more like seeds are planted and minds open just a crack to let some in.

In the unique setting of a Saturday Salon, we can talk about anything we want to talk about. No one controls the conversation. Everyone gets to speak. The only caveat is that everyone also has to listen. It’s such a simple, yet powerful night.

I challenge everyone to start thinking of people to invite and plan to host a special Saturday Salon to kick off 2017. We’ll call them Inauguration Saturday Salons. Our goal is just to understand each other. Let’s just start there. No plans for action or trying to convince anyone else of anything.

Send me your pics and a list of questions people threw into the hat!


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