Overwhelmed by Technology?

Aug 09

Overwhelmed by Technology?

I AM NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT I AM OVERWHELMED BY TECHNOLOGY ON A WEEKLY AND SOMETIMES DAILY BASIS.  And I LOVE technology!  I love what it can do.  Zipping here and there, I can search for obscure facts that used to take me days if not weeks to track down in a library, before the Internet.  (Yes, I remember doing homework with out a computer…)  I can design,write and publish books, websites and this blog.  I can connect to long lost relatives and friends from high school, play chess and look up how many minutes my Christmas rib roast should cook and at what temperature.  With pictures!  Technology is like Christmas, actually, always a new package to open.

The problems, though, are myriad. I feel trapped by being “ever available” and “connected”, sometimes.  But most of all, my frustration goes from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds flat when I attempt to “upgrade”.  You would think upgrading would be a good thing, but it always seems to come with glitches.  And the more wonderful programs you have on your computer, and the more devices you want to synch, well…..it’s an exponential Excedrin headache # 4,0006.

I think longingly of a log cabin somewhere.  Off the grid.  By a clear, mountain stream, or steps away from the ocean, perhaps.  Fireplace.  A mailbox at the end of the lane, not a blinking signal in sight.

But what would I do with myself after I watered the garden and sat on the porch for a while?  I know me.  I’d want to write…publish…communicate…learn….


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  1. great website. the fb link took me to my page, thoguh instead of their fan page if you think to tell them the next time you’re in there. Great write-up. They know your blog? How great!

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