Pete Seeger

Feb 03

Pete Seeger


Great Saturday Salon question, because it puts a spotlight on what we value.  Pete Seeger’s on my list, ever since I watched a documentary about his life and how he lived it.  Pete Seeger died January 27th, 2014.  He was 94.  I admire him because he lived his life with joy, integrity and loved others and the planet with an active, true love.  He took a natural, musical gift and used it to bring people together to get things done.  Like cleaning up the Hudson River, and helping to stop the war in Vietnam. And he did all this in spite of the fact that he was silenced by his own government for many years.

His love of people and music just floated up and around the obstacles life threw in his path.  Good man.  Human, don’t think he was perfect, but a good man.

Washington Post article on Pete Seeger



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