Gift Giving

Nov 24

Gift Giving

ARE YOU GOOD AT GIVING AND RECEIVING GIFTS?  The holidays are almost here, and many of us are already eyeing the ads and looking out for good gifts to pick up before everything is picked over on Black Friday.

Most Americans are casual gift givers.  Social obligations are more suggestions than the absolute requirements they used to be.  Japan’s on the opposite side of the spectrum.  Giri is the word they have for the duty or obligation of gift-giving they feel very seriously.  If you want to do your enemy in, give them a very expensive gift.  They are bound to reciprocate in kind.

Hopefully your gift giving is more from the heart.  It’s a skill that can be developed.  Skip the gift certificates and pick out something specific to that person, even if it is not expensive.  They’ll know you thought of them specifically, and didn’t just grab something and check their name off the list.

Here are some good Saturday Salon questions on the topic of gift giving:

  • What gift did you most enjoy receiving?  What was your favorite gift received?
  • Do you enjoy gift giving?
  • What is a gift?
  • How do you handle the holidays when you are broke?
  • What makes a good gift?
  • Have you ever received a gift you really disliked?
  • What do you do with gifts you don’t like?  Keep them?  Regift? Return?  Exchange?


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